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Zillion Lights LLC was founded in 2015, in Marietta, Georgia. The primary activities of Zillion Lights are to design, build and market new innovative products. We have spent over one year designing a Smart LED Hula Hoop from the ground up, combining electrical engineering with mechanical engineering with computer science to create one complete product under one roof.



How did the ZL Hula Hoop, "Smart LED Hula Hoop" came to be ?


At first this project started as a challenge and attempt to create a Smart Hula Hoop for my daughter who is an avid hooper. Herself and her friends have introduced me to a Smart LED Hula Hoop. Over time I have noticed some flaws in the design and embarked on a mission to resolve them and find innovate solutions to redesign Smart LED Hula Hoops.


This process required to design new mechanical pieces that would fit into a very tight tubing space, while allowing the hooper to change the battery without having an LED GAP in the battery enclosure. Eliminating all unnecessary electrical switches, buttons, etc...


We have noticed that the tubing over time suffers degradation and it is difficult for a hooper to change it without having to ship it back to the manufacturer. With that in mind, the ZL Hula Hoop can have its interior removed and placed into a new enclosure.


Each LED Hula Hoop comes with a 24 Key remote control that has been optimized for fast access to each mode and function. Once again by having many hundreds of patterns and special effects not being able to easily access them proofed to be very frustrating. The Smart ZL Hula Hoop has a friendly user experience.