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Let ZL Hoops show you how to understand, use, and take care of your prized ZL Hula Hoop. When you need a support system, ZL Hoops has the experience and technical know-how to meet your hula hoop challenges. When you invest in a ZL Hula Hoop, you invest in a network that cares about your experience and your success as an amateur or professional hooper, and we stick with you for the long-term.

ASK to join the ZLClub on Facebook. See additional information about the ZLHoop and meet with others who own the Smart Hoop.

NEW: Interactive WEB APP User Guide

ZL Hoop User Guide

Use this guide as your cheat sheet, look up how to use your ZL Hoop all from your mobile phone.


In the Box

ZL Hoop Gen 2 : Modular Design & DIY Retube

Tutorial 1 : Demo Mode

Tutorial #2 : Shuffle Mode and Pattern Vault

Tutorial #3 : Brightness, Speed, Strobe Mode

Tutorial 4 : Fade and Sparkle Modes

Tutorial 5 : Chase Mode

Tutorial 6 : OffSet Mode

Tutorial 7 : Presets Save/Delete Shuffle

Tutorial 8 : Color Wheel Mode

Tutorial 9 : Retubing Your ZL Hoop

This tutorial is available for customers only in the ZL Club