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To initiate a Service please choose one of the services you require from the shop. If you are unsure please contact us first. 

Service Packages


Choose Package : Service No Upgrades 

For any Repairs, Maintenance, Add-On, Adjustments. This package include return shipping fee's. You can add Down Size, Up Size, Counter Balance, Tubing directly from this option. Do not purchase this option if you need to upgrade, instead choose one of the options below.


Upgrade Packages

Each Upgrade Package includes Upgrade to Gen 2, Return Shipping Fee's, Switch to 3 point counter balance free of charge & any other options you have selected to add on.

Package #1 :  Upgrade To Gen 2 


Package #2 : Upgrade To Gen 2 + Down Size


Package #3 : Upgrade To Gen 2 + Up Size

ZLHoop to ZLHoop Gen 2 Upgrade Services

Upgrade to ZLHoop Gen 2                                               $29

Add New 3 Point Counter Balance                                  + $10

Downsize Same Tubing                                                    + $69

Downsize/Upsize  New Tubing                                        + $89

Note: You will have to ship hoop to us at your expense and there will be a Shipping Handling cost of $25 for USA shipping & $50 for International shipping, to ship it back to you. You will also receive a free inspection of the hoop and adjustment if need be which is free of charge as it is under the new 2 year warranty. For more information for current owners please join the ZL Club on Facebook.

Do not ship hoop for service unless you have purchased one of the 4 packages above. We are expecting to perform all services within 48hrs unless unforeseen circumstances present themselves and in that case we will inform.

For international customers, due to delays in shipping and costs a video in ZL Club is published on how to remove the interior of the hoop and ship only the inside in a bubble wrap envelope. Unless you require downsizing or retubing services only ship the inside. 


For any other services  not included here please contact us at info@zlhulahoops.com .



Shipping to us instructions:

#1 After purchasing this service, ship ZL Hoop to the following address:

Zillion Lights LLC
2550 Sandy Plains RD #225-243 
Marietta, GA 30066

#2 Include note with your Service Order No & Details of service requested.

#3 If you have a new address please update it on website in your account


We recommend to keep the original package due to the size of the ZL Hoop. In case that you need to return the hoop for any reason and the hoop is not in the original box you will be responsible for shipping cost differences plus shipping and handling if the ZL Hoop is return to the customers after repairs.