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This guide will help you determine which Smart Hoop is best fit for your needs. There are lots of options and customers have lots of questions. We at ZLHulaHoops are passionate about building Smart Hoops and find all Smart Hoops to be amazing as they all are works of art and craftsmanship. But not all hoops are created equally and not all hoops might serve your purpose. On this page you will find a simple guide and checklist of all the items you should verify before making your purchase. All the things to consider before buying a Smart Hoop.

Don't forget to checkout our ZL Future Smart Hoops in development.

Asking the right questions, understanding how smart hoops work will lead you to purchasing the best smart led hoop that fits you. Because in the end the best led hoop is always the one that fits your style, need and requirements. As your journey progresses many performers and enthusiasts own multiple smart hoops.


ZL Hula Hoops Comparison Guide


Smart Hoop Design & Features

ZL Hoop Gen 2

ZL Pandora 3/4

ZL Pandora 5/8

Sizes 25" -32 " ID 25" -32" 24" - 30" ID
Tubing HDPE, Polypro Clear, Translucent Color HDPE, Polypro Clear, Translucent Color HDPE, Polypro Clear, Translucent Color
Weight (measure for a 27" ID PolyPro) ~ 10 oz ~ 8 oz ~ 7 oz
** The ZL Pandora's are the lightest hoops on the market, and have been designed for that purpose weighing no more than ~2.5oz more than day hoops
Warranty 2 year 1 year 1 Year
Availability/ Shipping Time Yes / up to 5 business days 5 To 10 Business Days 5 To 10 Business Days
Water Resistant Yes No No
NO LED GAPS Yes Yes No (3 Pixel Gap)
** ZL Pandora 5/8 has a true 3 Pixel Gap on a Double Density LED Strip, if competitors use Single Density the ZL Pandora would have 1 and Half Pixel Gap Only
LED strip Density 60 leds/meter ( double density) 60 leds/meter ( double density) 60 leds/meter ( double density)
Seamles Connection ( inner connection) No Yes Yes
Removable Battery Yes Yes Yes
Battery Type 14450 10440 10440
Average Shuffle Time on Battery Charge 3hrs 1h 15m 1h 15m
Remote Control (24 Keys) Yes Yes Yes
Resizing Available Yes Yes Yes
Numbers Of Unique Patterns * 1250 1600 1600
** All Picture Upload Hoops require the same pattern in multiple colors or combinations making them not unique. Only ZL Hoops use truly Smart Patterns
Micro USB Rechargable No No No
Upload Pictures No No No
Can You colapse for travel  Yes - up to 20" Yes - up to 20" Yes - up to 20"
Can you DIY retubing? Yes No No
3 Point Counter Balance Yes Yes Yes

Brightness Setup Modes

4 Modes of Brightness Yes Yes Yes
Variable Brightness at Each Pixel on Each Patterns No Yes Yes
Multi Layer Variable Brightness Yes Yes Yes

Color Wheel & Palettes Setup Modes

Number of Color Wheels/Palletes Available 104 416 416
Single Color Palette Option Yes Yes Yes
9 Color Palette Options Used as Same Time Yes Yes Yes
Rainbow Mode Yes Yes Yes
4 HUE's Mode (Creates 4 Different Rainbows) No Yes Yes
All Patterns in Single Selected Color No Yes Yes
Single Selected Colors Available 0 36 36

Pattern Shuffle Setup Modes

Shuffle Single Selected Pattern Yes Yes Yes
Shuffle Single Selected Group/Folder of Patterns Yes Yes Yes
Shuffle All Groups All Patterns Yes Yes Yes
Shuffle Randomly Yes Yes Yes
Shuffle on Saved Patterns (Up to 25 Free Slots) Yes Yes Yes
Shuffle on Favorite Pattern Groups No Yes Yes
Set Frequency (1 Second to 30 Seconds between Patterns) Yes Yes Yes

Add On Special Effects to each Pattern

FADE on Pattern Directional Yes No No
Motion FADE No Yes Yes
CHASE EFFECT On Pattern Yes No No
** Allows to combine all Effects Together      

Pattern OFFSET On Hoop

Offset Pattern by 1 Pixel Yes Yes Yes
Offset Pattern by Pattern Size Yes Yes Yes
Select Number of Patterns to Use Yes Yes Yes
Change Color In Offset Pattern Mode Yes Yes Yes

Additional Functionality

Smart Color Wheel Mode Yes Yes Yes
Smart Special Effects Mode No Yes Yes
Auto Save / Restart Hoop from Last Setting Yes Yes Yes
Pattern Row Speed Control Yes Variable  Variable
Hard Reset Mode (Manufacturer) Yes Yes Yes
Soft Reset Mode  Yes Yes Yes
User Feedback Screen on LEDS Yes Yes Yes
Battery Level Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Serial Number Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Quick Mode Setup From Home Screen No Yes Yes
Quick Mode Pattern Group Select No Yes Yes
Quick Save/Delete Favorites No Yes Yes
Triple Layer Pattern Technology No Yes Yes
Number of Combinations/Modes Millions Millions Millions
All Configuration Done with Remote Yes Yes Yes

** Most Upload hoops require to connect to computer to change configuration, some even require to connect to computer just to change colors!


Competitors Comparison Coming Soon with Feature for Feature !

Certain refer to modes as simply changing colors or count of patterns, in this case the ZL Hoops Single Color Wheel Mode and all it's options would be in the thousands.

Unique Smart Patterns are patterns that are like templates and the ZL Hoop Flow Engines Injects Color, Variation of Brightness, Speed, Offsets and Special Effects to each Pattern. That is the reason we don't need the Same Heart Pattern fifty times with different Modes but only 1 Time. 

Saving your favorite pattern also saves the entire hoop configuration, it's like saving 25 different hoops into 1.

Because we do not use Flat Images but rather Smart Patterns we can control every pixels brightness, color, speed, position, motion within the hoop. Create background effects, foreground effects and special effects that can't be reproduced with flat images.

Because you do not have to plug hoop into computer and edit images or edit configuration files, it gives the 24 key remote with User LED feedback instant and full access to the entire hoop, but if you just want to use it like most smart hoops, simply turn it on. The smart hoop has various smart and random modes to use different configurations automatically.

It's all about the software, capability and modes and yes the ZL Hoops have very complex software and system to create spectacular special effects !