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Our current and future hoops in development. We are continually pushing the boundaries of what can be done with Smart LED Hoops. We are passionate and fascinated with this Circle and will continue to push and experiment with new technology. Hope you all join us on this wonderful journey and become part of our ZL Family.   


Smart Led Hoops [Aug 2016 - July 2017]

Our first Smart Led Hoops released on August 2016 after almost 2 years in development. The ZL Smart Hoop introduced NO LED GAPS with Removable Battery design, DIY Retube capability and Water Resistance. Further instead of doing uploaded pictures as most Smart Hoops do, we decided to develop a native system that is capable driving and controlling every pixel within each Pattern. The ZL Flow Engine has been developed to drive the LEDS and also allow the user to setup the hoop in thousands of possible different combinations. This hoop was offered with a 2 point counter balance and would start in the settings mode requiring the user to start the hoop with the Remote Control. 


ZL HOOP  Gen 2

Smart Led Hoops [July 2017 - Present]

ZLHoop Gen 2 Smart LED Hoops

ZL Hoop Gen 2 has been released in July 2017. During the extensive development work on the ZL Pandora 5/8, we have made significant improvements to the ZL Flow Engine. Further n auto save and reload functionality has been taken from the ZL Pandora and now introduced in the GEN 2. Patterns have been sped up significantly to produce crisp images and chaser illusions. A 3 point counter balance has been added as an option, with the possibility to downsize. The hoop now starts in Smart Shuffle Mode by default, but once settings are changed by user will start in the last auto saved setting mode. The user has the ability to reset the smart hoop with the remote or without the remote.We have also extended the warranty to 2 years. We plan on keeping this design around for a good long period as it has some excellent features and has proven to be solid.                                                     

ZL Pandora  5/8

Smart Led Hoops [Released November 2017]

 ZL Pandora 5/8 Smart LED Hoops

ZLPandora has been in development since November 2016 and is now completed. As there has not been much of change in the 5/8 category within the Smart LED Hoops over the years the ZLPandora will bring about a more advanced option to the flow community. As we continue evolving our ZL Flow Engine some of the features have been ported over to the ZL Hoop Gen 2. However this hoop will now introduce 3 Layers within the same pattern, all 3 layers are capable of motion independently of each other. The patterns have all been completed redone and much more have been added. After much testing we have knock down the weight down so that it feels like a day hoop. 

ZL Pandora  3/4

Smart Led Hoops [Released June 2018]

 ZL Pandora 3/4 Smart LED Hoops

 A version of the ZL Pandora is currently in its final stages of testing and will be released soon. Like the 5/8 the emphasis is on making the hoop extremely light weight. It will have the same 1600 Unique Smart Patterns and Triple Layers. No LED GAPS, Seamless Connection.


ZL Gxxx  3/4

Smart Led Hoops [End of 2018]

ZL-G Smart LED Hoops

Coming at the end of 2018! Get ready for more innovation from ZL.


ZL Zxxx  5/8-3/4

Smart Led Hoops [Sometime in 2019]

ZL-Z Smart LED Hoops

Sometimes in 2019.