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ZL Pandora Mini's

$629.10 $699.00
ZL Pandora Mini's

ZL Pandora Mini's

$629.10 $699.00

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Meet our ZL PANDORA MINI's   

With the high tech features, lightweight and removable battery with no led gap, inner connection and perfectly balanced this smart hoop was designed with you in mind.

Main Features ( email us to order ZL Pandora MINI's 5/8)

  • Weighs only ~2.5 oz more than day hoop
  • Removable Battery
  • Seamless Connection (inner connection)
  • No LED Gaps
  • Perfectly Balanced (3 point counter balance included) cause no one once a hoop that is not balanced
  • Double Density LEDS (60 LEDS/Meter)
  • 1600 Unique Smart Patterns, Customize in Millions of Combinations
  • Triple Layers (Background Motion, Pattern Layer, Overlay Motion)
  • Add SFX to any Pattern (Fade, Strobe, Background, Overlay)
  • Rainbow on top of Rainbow, Shift Hue up to 4x
  • ZL PRIME Build 48hrs or less, Ships priority always
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • HDPE, PolyPro(Natural & Translucent Colors)
  • Always starts in shuffle & saves your last setup (Auto-saves Continuously)

As always Zillion Lights is all about innovation, bringing new designs and technology to the forefront. This coupled with fast production and delivery. We don't believe you should wait months to get your smart hoop after you order.

We have pioneered the smart pattern technology in the ZL Hoop Gen 2 and now ZL Pandora offers 3 Layers in a single pattern. Allowing you to add background colors to your Patterns, Foreground Chasers on top of your Patterns and additional SFX on top of all 3 layers.

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See our Webb App User Guide

ZL Pandora Smart LED Hoops

Triple Layer Technology runs 3 separate and independent Layers at the Same Time. 

ZL Pandora Smart LED Hoops Triple Layer Technology

ALL THIS PACKED INTO A Smart Hoop! To Reproduce a single pattern and all it's combinations on an image upload hoop, it would require a truck load of Smart Hoops and still it would not be able to produce triple layer motions!   

ZL Pandora 3/4 has up to 4 Different Rainbow Hues, plus motion background Rainbows 

#1 Choice for 3/4 Smart Hoop - There is nothing that compares! 

Almost one year in the making, borrowed some features of the original ZL Hoop, gave some of its awesomeness to ZL Hoop Gen 2 (summer of 2017) and continued on it's journey to greatness! Hand made with love, passion, determination and continued commitment to push the technology to it's limits, bring innovation to each iteration and follow our vision to produce a product that is unique and different than what has been the norm in the industry. 

When designing the ZL Pandora 3/4, we wanted to strip it down of any unnecessary bloating, gadgets like joysticks, additional sensors, and other pieces, but rather put all the focus on the software and make sure all the features are functional and produce mesmerizing visual effects, using the LEDS as user display, using the remote to configure hoop and much more. We always thought this is the point of having a Smart LED Hoop. Not only you have lots of patterns but each is like a template and can be independently configured. Not only can you select dimness at the strip level but each pattern uses different levels of dimness to also add depth. Every mode is rich with additional options and settings making the Smart Hoop completely customizable to your preference, making each pattern completely customizable and that using only the remote. 

As for the weight we got inspired by super cars and quickly realized that to produce high performance, everything has to go, choice of materials need to be light weight. If a small battery weighs ~0.3 oz having over 4 already adds 1+ oz to the weight. This is how we achieved to push down the weight to almost the same as a day hoop.  Using 5/8 vs 3/4 this removes yet an additional ~3 oz off the weight. Step by Step we redesigned multiple times until we reduced every possible piece of the hoop, down to every screw and connection.

  • Weighs only ~2.5 oz more than day hoop  
  • Removable Battery, NO LED GAPS, Seamless Connection
  • 1600 + Smart Unique Patterns giving you, Millions of combinations
  • Independent Triple Layers (Motion Backgrounds, 1600 Patterns, Motion Foreground
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • When available ships in 10 Business Days or Less
  • Perfectly Balanced
  • Downsize available in the future
  • Always Starts in Shuffle Mode, use Remote only to customize hoop to your style!
  • Auto saves everything
  • 25 User Preset Slots, Saving Favorite Pattern and Entire Hoop Configuration
  • 9 settings for shuffle frequency from 1 second to 30 seconds
  • Shuffle on Single Pattern, Single Pattern Group, All Groups, Random, User Presets or your Favorite Selected Groups
  • Up to 4 Different Hues to select from and 104 color wheels per hue
  • 4 Rainbow Modes on Patterns
  • Single Color Mode, all 1600 patterns turn into your favorite color (32 Colors +)
  • 4 Modes each with multiple options and settings to offset patterns on hoop
  • Add on SFX to all patterns Fades, Strobes, Backgrounds, Overlays each with multiple options and settings
  • During configuration friendly user feedback and visual animated cues in each mode
  • Smart Color Wheel Mode add yet more options to any shuffle mode selected 
  • Smart SFX Mode injects patterns randomly with SFX modes during shuffle
  • Web App User Guide, Step by Step, for the beginner to the expert user, works on smart phones
  • ALL THIS PACKED INTO A 5/8 Smart Hoop! To Reproduce a single pattern and all it's combinations on an image upload hoop, it would require a truck load of Smart Hoops and still it would not be able to produce triple layer motions!   

The ZL Pandora is loaded with a lot of configuration parameters. At it's basic level works like any other Smart Hoop, start it and the hoop will begin it's shuffle sequences. Remote and configuring the hoop is not required.

But when you want the power to control and create your custom show, this is when the ZL Pandora offers you the ability to configure just about anything on the hoop. All configuration is done via the 24 Key Remote. The hoop automatically saves everything you change and restarts right back where you left off. So when swapping batteries you are back to continue where you stopped.

We have created an interactive web app guide where you can learn everything about the hoop. The guide has a step by step approach and how to for just about anything with pictures, video's and visual cue's.

Use the guide as a cheat sheet, just as much as instructions for more complex settings. Once the hoop is configured to your style, no need for remote.

 ZL Pandora User Guide


The ZL Pandora requires a charger to recharge the Lithium Batteries type 10440 v3.7 This charger is provided and only fits TYPE A or B Electric Sockets (USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan) 

** International Orders require an Electric Converter From TYPE A to Your Country Specific. Electric Converter is not available on our website and does not come provided with purchase.


CANADA & International Shipping Notice:

ZL Pandora is always completed and shipped within 15-30 Business Days or Less. We have now changed how we ship to Canada& International via USPS and delay is now between 6 to 10 days. Customers have reported an average of $50 assessed at customs for Canada. In certain cases/countries there could be additional delays at customs which unfortunately are out of our control. However a tracking number is provided allowing you follow the delivery progress.



2 x ZL Pandora Mini Hoops

1 x ZL 24 Key IR Remote Control

1 x Double Slot Lithium-ion Battery Charger

4 x Lithium-ion 10440 Rechargeable


1x (4) Battery Carry Case

1 x CR-2032 Replacement Remote Battery

1 x Sanding Paper 80 Grits

1 x Petrolatum Jelly

1 x Brush to apply Petrolatum Jelly

1x ZLHulaHoops Bracelet

1x ZL Logo Sticker


Material Type

Poly Pro :  This material is translucent, you can see right through. PP is a very bouncy material. Because of it being a harder plastic you need to use either hot water or hair dryer to shape material, however once nice and round it will maintain it's shape. In high heat it can loose it's shape, example leaving it in a hot car coiled. In low temperatures 45 F and below becomes very brittle and is prone to crack. This material is very popular and preferred for hoopers. 

HDPE : This material comes white, if light is shined through is transparent. It is softer than Poly Pro less bouncy and much better in Cold Temperatures. This material bends easily and losses it's shape more easily than PP. Tends to Kink easier than PP.

Tubing Size : The ZL Pandora comes in 5/8" tubing, soon 3/4 Version will be available

ZL Pandora Smart LED Hoops Tubing Colors


Poly Pro Natural : Translucent - See Through for sharper LED visibility, see all inside.

HDPE Natural :     White - More Opaque LED visibility, can't see electronics inside.

PP Baby Blue : Translucent  - Does not affect LED visibility as it's extremely light.

PP Blossom Green : Translucent - Does not affect LED visibility as it's extremely light.

PP Sassy Pink : Translucent - Does not affect LED visibility as it's extremely light.

PP Sweet Lilac : Translucent - Does not affect LED visibility as it's extremely light.


See video below of close up how LEDS look in different types of materials.