Smart Hoops that feel like Day Hoops

ZL Pandora our newest creation! Comes in 5/8 or 3/4 Loaded with 1600 Unique Smart Patterns, with Triple Layer Pattern Technology. All this packed into a 5/8" design with a 3 Pixel Gap and 3/4 design with No LED Gap. Inner Connection, Perfectly Balanced, Double Density LEDS. Millions of Combinations
We ship fast! We ship priority mail only! SHIPPING IN LESS THAN 10 BIZ DAYS

The lightest 3/4 Smart Hoop with Removable Battery, NO LED GAPS, Seamless Connection, Perfectly Balanced in the World!



For the first time ever a Smart Hoop with Removable Battery, NO LED GAPS, Inner Connection, 3 Point Counter Balance that weighs a little more than a Day Hoop.

1600 Unique Smart Patterns our ZL Flow Engine renders colors and special effects on the fly, 1 Single Pattern can generate thousands of combinations
24 Key Remote allows to setup all the options with user visual feedback, no computer required
Triple Layer Technology allows you to add motion background rainbows to all the patterns, overlay chasers on top of your patterns, add fade filters & strobe rainbows
ZL Pandora remembers everything, allows to save your favorite settings, up to 25 favorite slots
Shuffle a single pattern, an entire group(folder), all the groups, random, favorite groups, Set your frequency 1 Second to 30 Seconds
Our Smart Modes allow you to randomly change colors of your patterns, inject SFX while you flow

All our hoops are entirely designed and manufactured in house. Made in USA
Stop waiting weeks or months to receive your smart hoops, don't miss another festival or event. We Build and Ship our hoops priority mail within 10 Business Days!

ZLHoop GEN 2 Smart LED Hoops

ZL Hoop Gen 2
We have done many upgrades to our first-generation Smart Led Hoop to make our LED Hoops even better than before.
The ZL Smart LED Hoop starts in Smart Shuffle Mode and Auto Saves/Auto Loads everything you do in the settings, while shuffling remembers and Auto Saves where you are. Upon Restarting the ZL Smart LED Hoop you will be right back where you left off.
The patterns have been significantly accelerated to produce crisp images.
The warranty on the Smart LED Hoops has been upgraded to 2 YEARS and this is retroactive for all customers.
For more ease of use we created 2 different ways to reset hoop. Reset without Remote !
Patterns shuffle using a timing system for consistency, regardless of size if set to 3 seconds patterns will shuffle for that selected time frame.

Our Smart LED Hoops use Smart Patterns vs Uploaded Images This allows you to control every pixel on the hoop, it's color, it's speed, it's brightness and so much more.
No need to upload the same image hundreds of times to produce different colors or configurations.
Each Unique Pattern is treated like a template and transforms into Thousands of Combinations!
The ZL Smart LED Hoop comes loaded with 1250 Unique Smart Patterns!
The combinations of a Single Unique Pattern would never fit on to an Image Upload Hoop!
ZLHoop GEN 2 Smart LED Hoops