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ZL Hoop Gen 2 - Smart LED Hula Hoops

ZL Hoop Gen 2 - Smart LED Hula Hoops

ZL Hoop Gen 2 - Smart LED Hula Hoops


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#1 Choice for Festivals and Outdoors

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  • Water Resistant, Weather Proof
  • Shock Proof (Loose Design)
  • Removable Battery & NO LED GAPS
  • DIY Retube, (Perfect when Tubing is scratched or not usable)
  • Perfect for Travel, Coil as much as you want !
  • 1000 + Smart Patterns giving you, 1000++ Combinations/Modes
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Ships under 5 Business Days 
  • 3 Point Counter Balance Optional
  • Downsize Available
  • Always Starts in Shuffle Mode, use Remote only to change settings

See our Smart LED Hoop Comparison Guide

ZL Smart LED Hoops Features

Now Starts in Smart Shuffle Mode and Auto Saves all your Settings. Next time you restart hoop it will remain in the setting that was selected. You can always reset the hoop using the remote or without the remote.

  • 1 ZL Hula Hoop (Double Density LEDS - 124 LEDS 25inch ID to 156 LEDS 32 inch ID)
  • 1 ZL Smart Remote Control
  • 1 Double Slot  Battery Charger
  • Over 1,250 dense Unique Smart Patterns
  • 25 Unique Smart Pattern Groups: dynamic, static, and a combination of dynamic and static
  • Uniquely programmed to play:
    • each pattern or group in one color through the color wheel, all 140 color wheels, and Rainbow
    • each pattern or group in chase, fade, strobe, sparkle mode, and /or pattern offset
    • random patterns at the group level, over 1,000 patterns as is, or by selecting one or more of the modes
  • 4 chase modes: left, right, left-right, and mirror
  • 4 fade modes: left, right,  center in, center out
  • Strobe mode: one color of your choice from 1 to 9, all 1-wheel colors
  • Sparkle mode:  Randomly User Selects Speed
  • Offset: print how many times your pattern will display on the hoop (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.), offset with the pattern size (1 pattern size offset, etc.)
  • 9 Speed Settings
  • 4 Levels of brightness (Low, Med-Low, Med-High, High)
  • 2 High Capacitance Batteries 2500 mAh 3.7V (14500)
  • Quick Star Guide
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • ZL Smart Shuffle Mode
  • Select number of seconds a pattern can be played during the shuffle mode: 1, 2, 3 (by default), 4,5,10,15,20,30
  • Build and save your own show: up to 25 Slots, This saves any preset setup on each pattern, including SFX, Color Wheels, Offsets and Timing
  • Battery level indicator
  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery with NO LED GAPS
  • Uniquely designed battery holder and hoop connector
  • Bright and true colors lights
  • Uniquely programmed and easy-to-use 24-key remote control with over 50 functionalities
  • ¾” Polypro tubing in standard sizes: 25", 26", 27”, 28”, 29, 30”, 31, 32” ID
  • Lightweight: apprx. 9-12 oz.
  • Made and Tested in the USA

We measure size Inner Diameter and Tubing Size is 3/4.

Counterbalance is optional.

The hoop without it is not balanced due to 1 removable battery on one end of the hoop. Adding Counterbalance will also add 1.9 oz to the total weight of the hoop.

As of ZL Hoop Gen 2, The optional counter balance is always 3 Point. This offsets the battery weight across the hoop.

DIA(ID)           Weight(~oz)          LED Count

25"                 ~8.8 oz                  124

26"                 ~9.0 oz                  129

27"                 ~9.2 oz                  133

28"                 ~9.6 oz                  137

29"                 ~10.3 oz                141

30"                 ~10.7 oz                147

31"                 ~11.1 oz                152

32"                 ~11.7 oz                156



ZL Hoop can now be resized, Current Owners can also upgrade to ZL Hoop Gen 2. If hoop is not ordered with counterbalance prior to build, there are additional fee's to add it later. If hoop was purchased with 2 point counter balance, when upgrading to Gen 2 this will be changed to 3 point counter balance free of charge.


*NEW Interactive Step by Step User Guide (Perfect on Your Smart Phone)

Video Tutorials

*NEW User Guide Web App (Works on Smart Phone)

By purchasing a ZL Hoop you automatically become a member of the ZL Club Facebook Group. There is additional tutorials available in the Club. 

The ZL Hoop requires a charger to recharge the Lithium Batteries type 14500 v3.7 This charger is provided and only fits TYPE A or B Electric Sockets (USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan) 

** International Orders require an Electric Converter From TYPE A to Your Country Specific. Electric Converter is not available on our website and does not come provided with purchase.

The ZL Hoop is DIY Re-tube, in the event that you would have any technical issues with the product you only need to ship the interior of the hoop. This can be done using a large size bubble wrap envelope. This will save a significant amount on shipping.

CANADA & International Shipping Notice:

ZL Hoop is always completed and shipped within 5 Business Days. We have now changed how we ship to Canada& International via USPS and delay is now between 6 to 10 days. Customers have reported an average of $50 assessed at customs for Canada. In certain cases/countries there could be additional delays at customs which unfortunately are out of our control. However a tracking number is provided allowing you follow the delivery progress.



- 1 x ZL Hoop Gen 2

- 1 x ZL Hoop 24 Key Remote Control

- 1 x Spare Coin Battery for Remote Control (CR2032)

- 1 x Double Slot Battery Charger (14500 v3.7)

- 1 x Battery Case Holder for 4 Batteries

- 2 x High Capacity 2500mAh (14500) Batteries

- 1 x Tooth Brush & Petrolatum 

- 1 x 80 Grit Sand Paper

- 1 x Quick Start Guide

Included with ZL Smart LED Hoops


ZL Hoop comes with a 2 Year Warranty. For more information refer to warranty page

Please Keep Original Shipping Box!

We offer the option to use Lay-Buy which allows you to control and setup your monthly payments. Any current discounts can be used while purchasing with Lay Away.

Initial Payment 20%, then setup monthly installments 

ZL Smart LED Hoops ship once full payment is completed

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For all current ZL Hoop customers you can get an upgrade to ZLHoop Gen 2. For service price refer to Services. If you have already purchased counter balance on the original hoop, it will be switched to the 3 point counter balance free of charge, if you have not purchased it a $10 fee will be assessed to add it when upgrading to ZL Hoop Gen 2. Otherwise adding counter balance later the same fee applies as listed in services.

To save money on Shipping if you do not need tubing replacement, downsizing you can only ship the interior of hoop in an 8x10 Bubble Wrap envelope. This will be returned to you with the retube kit so you can re-assemble hoop by yourself. Please Join the ZL Club on facebook to view both video's #retube to learn how to take it apart and retube it. All you need is a string/rope that will be provided to you when hoop is upgraded and returned back to you.

Your warranty has now been automatically extended to 2 Years retroactively. 

Design Improvements

- 3 Point Counter Balance

- Downsize now available


- Hoop starts in Smart Shuffle Mode, remote is used only for settings

- Pattern Speed has been significantly accelerated to make them more crisp

- Auto Save Mode has been implemented to remember everything you set

- Auto Save Mode is automatic

- There are 2 types of Manufacturer Resets

- Reset 1 with remote (ZLShow + Z + OK) resets hoop back to Default Settings but does not reset your color wheels back to default settings

- Reset 2 without remote. Hoop now has a Start Sequence with Rainbow LEDS on and an orange Chaser erasing the Rainbow. If you stop the hoop (Disconnect before sequence finishes) , Start again this will now reset the entire hoop with color wheels as shipped to you.

- Load upon starting hoop it always reloads the last position and selection that the hoop was on, great when changing batteries or starting hoop again, no need to do settings again

- Pattern Shuffle Timing has been changed to seconds instead of number of times to repeat pattern. This way smaller patterns are consistently shuffling for the same amount of time as longer patterns. This is now in seconds 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20,30.

- Smart Shuffle has been introduced, to turn it on  or off use the UP Arrow when in Standby Mode, you will see 3 Bluish Faded LEDS appear next to the Shuffle Mode Selected. This is on by default, this works randomly Changing pattern colors on the fly, while shuffling. It's on by default and when you reset hoop turns back on.

- ZL Demo show has been removed and replaced by Soft Reset, remote reset hoop


Your patterns have not changed, although some will appear as if they did because hoop now executes significantly faster than before.


Material Type

Poly Pro :  This material is translucent, you can see right through. PP is a very bouncy material. Because of it being a harder plastic you need to use either hot water or hair dryer to shape material, however once nice and round it will maintain it's shape. In high heat it can loose it's shape, example leaving it in a hot car coiled. In low temperatures 45 F and below becomes very brittle and is prone to crack. This material is very popular and preferred for hoopers. 

HDPE : This material comes white, if light is shined through is transparent. It is softer than Poly Pro less bouncy and much better in Cold Temperatures. This material bends easily and losses it's shape more easily than PP. Tends to Kink easier than PP.

ZL Hoop Smart LED Hoops Tubing Colors

Tubing Size : The ZL Hoop and ZLHoop Gen 2 only comes in 3/4" tubing. In the future this will not be up-gradable to 5/8 because of the connectors and construction of the ZL Hoop. It also has an HDPE outer cuff that is 7/8" tubing fit over the battery casing and On/Off battery connector. Refer to picture above for more details on outer cuff and it's properties. Other hoops in development and to be released soon will not have the same characteristics as the ZL Hoop.


Poly Pro Natural : Translucent - See Through for sharper LED visibility, see all inside.

HDPE Natural :     White - More Opaque LED visibility, can't see electronics inside.

PP Baby Blue : Translucent  - Does not affect LED visibility as it's extremely light.

PP Blossom Green : Translucent - Does not affect LED visibility as it's extremely light.

PP Sassy Pink : Translucent - Does not affect LED visibility as it's extremely light.


DIY Retube & Swapping Tubing on your current ZL Hoop. 

Since the ZL Hoop is DIY Retube even if you have purchased the hoop in one type of material under ZL Hoop Accessories you can always purchase a different tubing or replacement tubing. This Kit comes with a new outer cuff, new push buttons, sanding paper, retube kit and tubing. Basically everything you need to retube hoop. Also join ZL Club on facebook to see instruction video's how to retube, all you need is a string/rope that is provided to you.

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