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ZL Hoop - Smart LED Hula Hoops

ZL Hoop - Smart LED Hula Hoops

ZL Hoop - Smart LED Hula Hoops


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#1 Choice for Festivals and Outdoors

  • Water Resistant, Weather Proof
  • Shock Proof (Loose Design)
  • Removable Battery & NO LED GAPS
  • DIY Retube, (Perfect when Tubing is scratched or not usable)
  • Perfect for Travel, Coil as much as you want !
  • 1000 + Smart Patterns giving you, 1000++ Combinations/Modes
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Ships under 5 Business Days 

ZL Smart LED Hoops Features

  • 1 ZL Hula Hoop (Double Density LEDS - 124 LEDS 25inch ID to 156 LEDS 32 inch ID)
  • 1 ZL Smart Remote Control
  • 1 Single Battery Charger
  • Over 1,000 dense Unique Smart Patterns
  • 25 Unique Smart Pattern Groups: dynamic, static, and a combination of dynamic and static
  • Uniquely programmed to play:
    • each pattern or group in one color through the color wheel, all 140 color wheels, and Rainbow
    • each pattern or group in chase, fade, strobe, sparkle mode, and /or pattern offset
    • random patterns at the group level, over 1,000 patterns as is, or by selecting one or more of the modes
  • 4 chase modes: left, right, left-right, and mirror
  • 4 fade modes: left, right,  center in, center out
  • Strobe mode: one color of your choice from 1 to 9, all 1-wheel colors
  • Sparkle mode:  Randomly User Selects Speed
  • Offset: print how many times your pattern will display on the hoop (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.), offset with the pattern size (1 pattern size offset, etc.)
  • Select speed and brightens of your choice 1 pre-loaded demo show
  • 2 High Capacitance Batteries 2500 mAh 3.7V (14500)
  • Quick Star Guide
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • ZL Demo Shuffle Mode
  • Select number of times a pattern can be played during the show: 1, 10, 15 (recommended), 50, 100
  • Build and save your own show: up to 25 Slots, This saves any preset setup on each pattern 
  • Battery level indicator
  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery with NO LED GAPS
  • Uniquely designed battery holder and hoop connector
  • Bright and true colors lights
  • Uniquely programmed and easy-to-use 24-key remote control with over 50 functionalities
  • ¾” Polypro tubing in standard sizes: 25", 26", 27”, 28”, 29, 30”, 31, 32” ID
  • Lightweight: apprx. 9-12 oz.
  • Made and Tested in the USA

We measure size Inner Diameter and Tubing Size is 3/4.

Counterbalance is optional.

The hoop without it is not balanced due to 1 removable battery on one end of the hoop. Adding Counterbalance will also add 1.9 oz to the total weight of the hoop.

DIA(ID)           Weight(~oz)          LED Count

25"                 ~8.8 oz                  124

26"                 ~9.0 oz                  129

27"                 ~9.2 oz                  133

28"                 ~9.6 oz                  137

29"                 ~10.3 oz                141

30"                 ~10.7 oz                147

31"                 ~11.1 oz                152

32"                 ~11.7 oz                156



ZL Hoop is not currently re-sizable due to extensive sealing process to make it water resistant and the ability to make it DIY re-tube capable. 

If hoop is not ordered with counterbalance prior to build, there are additional fee's to add it later.

Quick Start Guide 

Video Tutorials

By purchasing a ZL Hoop you automatically become a member of the ZL Club. There is additional tutorials available in the Club. Further you can also participate in our monthly contests and Win Prizes.  

The ZL Hoop requires a charger to recharge the Lithium Batteries type 14500 v3.7 This charger is provided and only fits TYPE A or B Electric Sockets (USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan) 

** International Orders require an Electric Converter From TYPE A to Your Country Specific. Electric Converter is not available on our website and does not come provided with purchase.

The ZL Hoop is DIY Re-tube, in the event that you would have any technical issues with the product you only need to ship the interior of the hoop. This can be done using a large size bubble wrap envelope. This will save a significant amount on shipping.


- 1 x ZL Hoop

- 1 x ZL Hoop 24 Key Remote Control

- 1 x Double Slot Battery Charger (14500 v3.7)

- 2 x High Capacity 2500mAh (14500) Batteries

- 1 x Tooth Brush & Petrolatum 

- 1 x 80 Grit Sand Paper

- 1 x Quick Start Guide

Included with ZL Smart LED Hoops


ZL Hoop comes with a 1 Year Warranty. For more information refer to warranty page

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ZL Smart LED Hoops ship once full payment is completed

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ZL Hoop - Smart LED Hula Hoops